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Time flies....and it Sure is Fun.

Time flies…….

Where oh where does the time go? At the end of July my lease was up in my Minneapolis studio so I piled 1/2 of it in my garage for storage and the remaining 1/2 into my car and headed for the great American West.

At the  beginning of August I landed in Snowmass, Colorado and for the last 11 weeks I’ve been focusing on creating art…..and hiking.

As always in life, my time here has been so much more than I could ever have expected. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Roaring Fork Valley. Not only is the landscape some of the most beautiful I’ve even seen but in a short time I’ve been able to feel like I’m part of the community.

I’ll be honest in that I didn’t finish as many pieces as I had hoped to because there were so many great things, opportunities, and people along the way. It seemed like every day there was something amazing happening. From artist demonstrations where I had the privilege of meeting some of my photo encaustic students, to arranging work being shipped to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, to organizing upcoming shows, commissions, and private workshops, to meetings with designers, architects, gallerists, and some of the most amazing and interesting people.

My days were filled with working in the studio and shooting more horse images (and some American Highland Cattle). My nights were filled with going to Anderson Ranch Arts Center for artist lectures, outdoor concerts, film festivals, great restaurants, and a few parties along the way.

But alas I’m headed home. I do hope to return soon. I will miss my daily walks and hikes…..and most of all my friends, Kat + Jim Moser for allowing me this artist-in-residence opportunity. For them, I am most grateful.



Tell me in the comments below when time just flew for you. 

With all good wishes,




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