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'Fly' Signed Print


Featuring the bold and unique designs of an original painting, each print is titled and signed by Clare O'Neill.

Museum quality, archival-pigmented inks on 100% cotton fine art archival paper, each image is available in three print sizes. 

About the Image: It starts with the thunder of their hoofbeats, my heart starts beating a little faster and my adrenaline begins pumping. I hear yourself yelling, here they come. No matter how many times I photograph them, I get caught in the moment. It takes about 3 minutes for them to run past--all 200 of them. It's over before I know it. And then I pray that I got something. This horse, Fly, was nestled between about 8 horses running side by side. He's well down the ridge in this shot, but there was something about him that spoke to me. Probably the fact that the image was overexposed (because who has time to change the camera's settings once they start running), leads to its sense of mystery. It's an image that you have to stand back and look at. It's a piece that leaves room for you, the viewer to imply your own narrative. And I love that about this piece. 

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