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Pricing + Payment

Prices listed on this site are retail prices. I do not offer lower prices through my studio.

There are several factors that influence the value of original art, such as the work's size, media, and production cost. Artists can choose to price their work on a time and materials basis, by the square inch, or randomly.

I choose to price my work based roughly on the square inch model. I don't believe you should pay more for a piece because it took me longer to paint it. Some pieces come together quickly, some I labor over for way too long. My responsibility is to create a work that creates a feeling, mood, or emotion within you. If I do that, then I am successful.

I also really like that the value of each 24 x 24 inch is the same, as is each 30 x 30 or 36 x 36.  

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Because of the many factors involved in deciding the final price for commission work, prices may vary from the standard square inch price.  

Our preferred source of payment is though this site, however, arrangements can be made for paying through PayPal, Venmo and wire transfers. Personal or cashiers checks are not accepted.