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My Manifesto

I believe in the transformative, enriching nature of art.

What we do to create meaning and beauty and connection with one another is central to living a well-balanced life. So often we are on autopilot. We forget that our moods and emotional state is oftentimes impacted by our environment. Art makes life more livable and is an extension of your individual style.

Each time we add a new piece of artwork, our story becomes a little clearer. It’s these everyday stories that connect us, to our own lives and those close to us.

Live with art, personalize your space, and feed your soul.

I’m really particular – And I bet you are too. I have a great distaste for large chain stores and I’m always in search of clothing and artwork that is unique, expressive, and creative. Something that is indicative of my individual style and makes me feel good. This site is a collision of inspiration, lifestyle, design, and art. It’s for those who want to connect and get a feel for what makes an artist tick. It’s about sharing my process, talking about why I do what I do, and connecting with those that are inspired by my work and my style.


A Reluctant Artist

// I grew up wanting to be a doctor. Yep. I was pre-med in college and even took the admission test for medical school. But organic chemistry bored me and I became restless with all the studying. I wanted more creativity. I joked about being a mushroom farmer enough times that I finally realized I was never going to be a physician.

// Finding my way as an entrepreneur. So I did what was second nature and started a small business creating customized tours of Ireland for small groups. Loved it. Who wouldn’t? Getting to go to Ireland several times a year while being wined and dined by the hotels and restaurants. Working on a shoestring budget I picked up my camera and started shooting my own promotional shots. This quickly morphed into black & white artistic images. I had a natural eye for photography.

// Defining my sense of style. Fearless. Bold. Sophisticated. My sense of style came through when I bought a condo that was a blank surface (in other words, it needed a lot of work.) And so I became consumed by renovating. And I had a blast. At first it was tame. But as time went on my renovating became bolder. My mother thought I was insane when she came over and saw me plastering tissue paper to the dining room walls and painting over it with a champagne metallic paint. But it’s now the best room in the house with painted bronze ceilings and an 8-ft by 3-ft mosaic peacock.

// The Creative Life. I have always prided myself with buying unique and beautiful objects, and consider what I hang on my walls to be an extension of my individual style. But finding these objects isn’t always easy. So I signed up for a clay class at the local art center as I needed a really cool backsplash for my new kitchen. But I got sidetracked and made a figurative light switch for my hallway dimmer, and then a headless, armless Jesus for my wall of crosses, and finally a replica of Michaelangelo’s Blockhead Slave. I was finding my artistic sole. But most of this work was copied and my need for originality was fierce. I experimented with oil paint and painting my original photographs. I explored painting with beeswax as an abstract form. I loved the beeswax but wasn’t an abstract painter. None of my adventures came as easily to me as photography. I figured there must be a way to incorporate the beeswax and my photographs. And after years of experimentation later I have finally found my grove.

I’m a constant work-in-progress. As is my art. I guess that’s the way it should be.

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